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The Venture Sphere

The projects and tech I worked with while I was there.

Tech Stack

These are all the technologies I remember working with while there.


All of the projects I worked on during my time at the company.

Ideas42 Website

The ideas42 marking website
The marketing website for ideas42 ventures

This the marketing website. I helped build this site twice. Once in Eleventy + Nunjucks and another in Gatsby.js.


  • Having a design system is critical to move fast as an engineering team.
  • Get your linting/code enforcement tools setup early.


The home screen of Vergil
The entry point to the Vergil application

Did you know it cost more money to keep people in prison than to free them? Vergil is an application with the goal of reducing recidivism. While working on Vergil I worked with the CEO to build out an application that would allow returning citizens to integrate back into society.


  • Have high level architecture meetings early and often.
  • We need to make time for engineers to slow down and ask, does this make sense? Deliverables are CooL, but sustainability is better.
  • I think as engineers we should pushback on designs more often. Does this need to be an 'X' component when it could be a simpler 'Y' component?


The WellMoney app home page
The WellMoney Dashboard where you can see metrics about the app

The premise here is that folks need moniez. But sometimes, to get you have to give. This is a platform where people can sign up to contribute to a pot of money (a PayPal account). People can request money as well, and upon approval it will be distributed to them.


  • Your set of product requirements should determine the technology choice.


The ProsperWorks To Do Item dashboard
The ProsperWorks To Do Item dashboard

ProsperWorks is an application that allows small businesses owners and their employees to have a shared vision. We do this by assigning To Do items to team members and goals to teams.


  • Put a link on my calendly to chat.